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I’ll be in my bunk shirt

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He went to France with the I’ll be in my bunk shirt of American people to represent Russia and North Korea. This is why President Trump will win again in another electoral college landslide victory. You sound as brainwashed as a young Isis or Taliban recruit who hates America because he doesn’t know any different.

I’ll be in my bunk shirt, youth tee and V-neck T-shirt

I'll be in my bunk shirt ladies tee Ladies tee

Lynne Collins yeah, my money is on the I’ll be in my bunk shirt mind in this war of brain cells. Dale R Data Such hateful and pointless remarks towards fellow citizens show how far people have fallen in this county. Your childish outburst shows your hatefulness and lack of anything intelligent to add to the discussion.

I'll be in my bunk shirt Long sleeved Long sleeved

Brian Campbell That has to be one of the I’ll be in my bunk shirt ignorant comments I’ve seen today; well, except for the lefties claiming he was out golfing again, this weekend. Today we repudiate alliances and accords, while refusing to talk in good faith with anyone, friend or foe Gary Modesty Trump has made us totally isolationist. IE until Trump is no longer speaking for this great nation that once had the vision and capacity to lead once had a Marshall Plan to save European economies.

I’ll be in my bunk shirt, hoodie, sweater and long sleeve

I'll be in my bunk shirt hoodie Hoodie

The US should be dissed invited from G7 and G20 until it wishes to play a constructive role. Evelyn Duke, actually you have been indoctrinated and brainwashed by the I’ll be in my bunk shirt Marxist propaganda machine and academia. Karen Lee Human, Manuel Macron already has the yellow vests protesters in France calling him names.

I'll be in my bunk shirt sweater Sweater

And a orage clown Israel, the I’ll be in my bunk shirt of the Jews ad a place where everyone hates ad condemns nazis Sylvia Mora the country is currently not the country we know. Jim Borges yes he won’t say aything to ayone’s face, he waits like a coward, to talk behind their backJim Borges Trump is a fool. It will be headed towards socialism, control of the people, searching for food, medical care, money jobs, etc.


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